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Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Applause® honeycomb shades are beautiful yet practical, with no visible support cords, holes or seams. They are designed to present value for a sensible and stylish decorating alternative. Colors are timeless, ranging from neutral cream and white to muted blue and warm gold, all with a neutral white back for a uniform exterior look.

Applause honeycomb shades are available in 3/8", 3/4" and double honeycomb construction that traps air and acts as an insulator to help keep out summer heat and winter cold. Two fabric choices for privacy and light control are also available: translucent fabrics that soften and filter the light, and a blackout fabric that blocks 99 percent of the sun's rays for complete privacy.



Park Lane™ Privacy Sheers

Introducing Park Lane™ Privacy Sheers – affordable luxury for the consumer who wants the best features of sheers, draperies and vertical blinds in one streamlined product. Exterior light is softened beautifully by the sheer fabric. With the vanes closed, Park Lane sheers provide the privacy and look of a soft drapery.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

More than a decade ago, Hunter Douglas created a marvelous new window covering called Duette® honeycomb shades. The brand that originated the honeycomb shade category, Duette remains the #1 selling brand of honeycomb shades. There are hundreds of beautiful color choices in a variety of pleat sizes to complement any decor. Fabrics that offer distinct degrees of privacy and light shading, from sheer for a room filled with light, to opaque for complete light control and privacy.

The patented honeycomb construction ensures lasting strength and durability, superior performance, easy maintenance, plus the best selection of design options for covering almost any window.



Duette® with Vertiglide

Vertical honeycomb pleats create an elegant vertical line from the top of the shade to the bottom. Vertiglide lends itself naturally to patio and French doors, and to windows that open to the side. But it also presents many other decorating possibilities. It makes an elegant, soft room divider. Like all Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades, Vertiglide is energy efficient and durable.

Comes with either manual or motorized control. Duette® Vertiglide™ is striking in its simplicity. With motorized, complete control is in the palm of your hand. This affordable, remote control system is easy to install, operate and maintain.



Skyline™ Gliding Window Panels

From contemporary to traditional, Skyline™ Gliding Window Panels set a new standard in modern window fashions providing a sophisticated look to match today's urban design influence. Skyline window panels feature a wide range of fashion forward fabrics, offered in five distinctive categories, a patented innovative hardware system and custom colored hardware designed to coordinate with each fabric in the collection.

Nantucket™ Window Shadings

Nantucket™ window shadings combine innovative design with style and versatility. Four different fabrics are available with soft 2 1/2" translucent vanes suspended between two sheer fabric facings. With the shading lowered, the vanes can be tilted to any position from fully open to closed. The sheer facings soften the outside view and filter the incoming sunlight. In the closed position you enjoy complete privacy without complete darkness. When the shading is raised, the fabric is totally concealed in the headrail.




Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades bring nature indoors. With carefully selected bamboos, reeds, grasses and jutes, Hunter Douglas combines nature with technology - and the outcome is casual elegance. From Rustic to Tortoise, muted or intense, Provenance makes creating your own island paradise a breeze. Textures abound and options are endless. Welcome to a new, natural world of window coverings - pure and simple.

Features include:
• Optional clutch operating system makes raising and lowering even our largest woven wood shades a breeze.
• Your choice of a variety of textures and colors to match any décor.
• Individual tassels create a built-in safety feature for children and pets.
• Proven cord lock and pulley system raises and lowers your shade to any desired level.
• Self valance completely conceals the headrail and cord lock system.
• Fabrics are fade resistant and help protect furnishings from harmful UV rays.
• Fabrics also add energy efficiency.
• Decorative hem and trim options for both valance and bottom hem.

Designer Screen Shades

Designer Screen Shades are an innovative combination of sheer beauty and functional technology offering visibility of the outdoors while protecting valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays indoors. Offered in both Roman shade and window shade styles, with a multitude of options and an opacity range from very sheer to semi-sheer, the fabrics in the Designer Screen collection enhance your décor while allowing you to enjoy your surroundings. The new Greenscape fabric is PVC-free and recyclable, offering both a stylish and sensible solution for helping to protect our environment.

Silhouette® Window Shadings

Style. It's what holds a room together. What gives it a personality. A "look." Even the endless play of light and shadow throughout your home reflects your style of living. Which is why each room should begin with Silhouette® window shadings. They provide a backdrop of understated luxury. And they do it while performing wonders of light control.

Consider how Silhouette shadings are constructed -- two sheer fabric facings with fabric vanes suspended between them. When the vanes are open, the view outside is preserved and your home's natural light is gently filtered. Closed, the fabric vanes allow privacy while maintaining the soft, elegant style Silhouette window shadings create. Silhouette shadings come in a rich collection of colors, fabrics and textures and a choice of either 2" or 3" vane sizes.


Vignette® Window Shadings

Hunter Douglas presents new and imaginative ideas for creating beautiful rooms. Vignette(r) Window Shadings transmit a soft glow from outside light while ensuring privacy where you need it and style wherever you choose to use it.

Vignette fabrics are specially woven to hold their shape and style indefinitely. And the textures and feel of the fabrics create a most sophisticated look, as rich-looking as custom drapery.





Designer Roller Shades

Designer Roller Shades offer a diverse range of custom fabrics grouped into three distinct categories: Traditional, Natural and Soft. Traditional fabrics are familiar and timeless, Natural fabrics have the look of grass cloth, chenille and other elements typically found in woven woods and Soft fabrics offer elegant texture, a gentle hand and luxurious colors. Available in a variety of lifting systems and design options, Designer Roller Shades will bring a refreshing and sophisticated look to your home.

Alternative Wood Blinds and Shapes

If you like the warm, luxurious look of fine hardwood blinds, but need something more practical that will fit your budget, consider one of our unique Alternative Wood products.

Hunter Douglas presents a collection of alternative wood blinds that can turn any room into a showcase. The EverWood® collection captures all the warmth and natural beauty of the finest American hardwoods. In sizes, shapes, hues and finishes that allow you to create a beautiful environment. And because EverWood blinds will not warp, crack, peel or fade, they're as practical as they are beautiful.

Everlasting beauty for any room in your home. That's beauty without boundaries.



Aluminum Blinds

Only Hunter Douglas horizontal aluminum blinds offer the best options in color, texture, design and most importantly, light control.  For many windows, Hunter Douglas custom aluminum blinds are a great choice, simply because they offer so many options, including color, texture, design and, most importantly, light control.

Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds also offer the following proprietary features:

• de-Light™-- This Hunter Douglas exclusive feature blocks out the light ordinary blinds let in. Designed with hidden route holes and more slats for tighter closure, Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds with the de-Light feature keep out up to 99 percent of visual light.
• PowerTilt™-- Our new PowerTilt motorized system easily tilts slats open and closed by remote control from up to 50 feet away. The system is battery operated, so it requires no complicated wiring.
• Bounce Back-- Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds with bounce-back slats are made from our exclusive alloy for superior resiliency.
• Break-Thru® Safety Tassel-- With safety a major concern, the Hunter Douglas exclusive Break-Thru safety tassel was designed to prevent children and pets from injuring themselves if caught in the blind cords.
• Dust Shield™-- This is our unique paint-coating system that actually inhibits dust from collecting.


Country Woods® Wood Blinds

Nothing appeals to our sense of natural beauty quite like wood. For warmth, durability and versatility, wood is the natural choice for almost any decor. Like fine furniture, wood blinds reflect a lasting level of quality and craftsmanship in a superior window covering.

Hunter Douglas Country Woods® are the finest offering of wood blinds available on the market. The scope of their selection -- colors, slat sizes, tapes and decorative trims, cornices, and much more is equaled only by the natural beauty of their top quality hardwoods, which are precision-crafted and finished to exacting standards. These woods provide the optimum balance of strength, lightness of weight and stain acceptance. 1", 2" and 2 5/8" slat sizes are available in a wide selection of stained and painted wood finishes.



Innerstyle® and Other Vertical Blinds

The Hunter Douglas Innerstyle® Collection of custom vertical blinds combines beauty, easy maintenance and excellent light control with a rich variety of textures, colors and patterns. Vertical blinds are perfect for large or small windows, French doors, patio doors and bay windows … practically anywhere in your home. Our vertical blinds give you the light control you need to create the settings and moods you desire.

The perfect way to top Hunter Douglas vertical blinds is with the Paramount® contoured headrail system, the latest innovation from Hunter Douglas. The curved, contoured channel design of the Paramount® headrail creates a beautifully finished look that ordinary headrails simply can't deliver. With Paramount®, the headrail becomes an integral part of the overall design. The result is long-awaited innovation. The world's first complete vertical blind system that is beautiful, sophisticated and flawless from top to bottom. And only from Hunter Douglas.


Pirouette™ Window Shadings

Create harmony in every room with Pirouette® window shadings, an innovative product that combines the personality of a classic fabric shade with the ability to control light in an entirely new way.

Style. Pirouette shadings come in three fabric styles, two vane sizes and a total of 44 fabric/color combinations. All are available in both semi-opaque and room-darkening variations.



Heritance® Hardwood Shutters

Hunter Douglas proudly introduces our new Heritance® hardwood shutters. Finely crafted wood shutters have adorned windows for generations, and
Hunter Douglas is the first nationally recognized company to offer them.

Why choose Hunter Douglas shutters over other brands? Start with quality. Each Heritance shutter is exquisitely crafted from kiln-dried solid hardwood with dovetail panel construction for precise alignment and ultimate strength. The distinctive multi-step finishing process results in superb coverage that's consistent, lustrous and long lasting.

And Heritance hardwood shutters are available in both 2 ½" and 3 ½" louver sizes and in today's most popular paint and stain finishes, all of which coordinate with our award-winning Country Woods® wood blind collection, making the two products easy to combine in the same room.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Luminette Privacy Sheers® from Hunter Douglas combine the beauty of sheers and the privacy of soft draperies into one incomparable window fashion.

The fabric vanes of Luminette Privacy Sheers create magic with the simple twist of a wand. By rotating the vanes from completely opened to completely closed, or any increment in between, you'll enjoy a level of light control never before possible in a sheer. Draw the sheers closed for gently diffused light, or open for an unobstructed view.

In virtually any room and in any rectangular window or door opening, from French doors to expansive walls of windows, Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers bring out the beauty of any home decor.

Luminette® with PowerGlide®
Luminette Privacy Sheers are also available with a remote-controlled operating system that rotates the vanes and traverses the sheers. The PowerGlide system represents a highly desirable convenience feature that is available with any Luminette fabric and for openings as wide as 192" and as high as 120". Installation is simplified with wiring that plugs into any standard 110V outlet. Best of all, existing Luminette sheers can also be upgraded with the PowerGlide system!


Palm Beach™ Custom Shutters

Palm Beach™ custom shutters combine the best of both worlds: attractive good looks and low maintenance. You can enjoy the elegant appearance of shutters in any interior space -- without worrying about warping, fading, chipping or excessive wear.

Palm Beach™ shutters come in both 2 3/8" and 3 3/8" louver sizes, in the most popular colors, and in two unique styles. Lantana™ is our patented, gear-driven model for easy fingertip operation, while Palmetto™ offers the classic look of a tilt bar system. Both styles feature sleek lines, smooth operation and our exclusive equal distant louver spacing.

In addition, Palm Beach™ custom shutters are available in a variety of configurations for the perfect look. Three basic systems, framed or unframed, are available:

    •  Standard hinged panel system
    •  Bi-fold track system
    •  Bi-pass track system


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